H0 - set dvou cisternových vozů Esso/ARAL, typ Deutz, ep. III / ESU 36217x

Kód: 36217X
Značka: ESU
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Voz jsou ze setu 36217, bez třetího vozu SHELL.

Prior to World War II the rulers already recognised a considerable demand for tank cars for transporting flammable liquids, particularly for assuring reliable replenishment of materials at military bases. Thrifty handling of resources was a key requirement for the development. Taking into account these requirements Westwaggon in Cologne-Deutz developed a tank car without separate frame, where the headstock was welded to the tank. In order to prevent any damage to the tank itself due to the drag and impact forces in normal operation, the lower part of the tank is shaped like a trough. In other words it does not have any boiler shells as was previously the case. About 2000 units of this two-axle car, named after the location of the manufacturer’s head office, were built between 1941 and 1944. While the cars of the first series were supplied to private owners, the military commands such as the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) received the major part of later deliveries. Only very few oil unions received any of these cars. All cars were registered with the German state railway, which meanwhile was only known as the Deutsche Reichsbahn. After World War II most of the privately owned cars remained with the successor companies  of the oil unions while the state owned vehicles were transferred to the Vereinigte Tanklager und Transportmittel GmbH VTG (Consolidated Tank Storage and Transport GmbH), which was founded on 5 November, 1951.  In 1953 the VTG owned a total of 9791 tank cars of various designs. In 1961, for instance, a large number of tank cars was transferred to the Industrieverwaltungsge­sellschaft IVG (Industrial Administration GmbH). These cars were commissioned for the supply of military bases with operating supplies and could be seen individually or in groups right across Germany right through era IV. Private operators such as Shell, ESSO, ARAL or Texaco utilised the Deutz cars up to and in era IV. The last exemplars were decommissioned in 1990.

  • True to scale model of a light weight tank car with 30 m³ capacity

  • Running boards or cat walk grating made off etched parts

  • Various separately applied armatures               

  • Prototypically dimensioned railings and grab irons made off hard-wearing plastic

  • Signage boards with correct information matching the respective era

  • Two-sided profiled wheels

  • Weight: 48 g for optimal running characteristics

  • Toe bearing in metal bearings for smooth running

  • Loop and hook couplers with non-magnetic loop in NEM shafts with kinematics

  • Minimum radius = 360 mm

  • Length over buffers = 101.2 mm

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Kotlové vozy
? Měřítko: H0
? Žel. správa: PRIVAT
? Epocha: III
? Výrobce: ESU

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ESU je především výrobce digitálních komponent, ale též vozidel v H0. Zboží se kvůli vysoké ceně dopravy objednává jednou za 2 měsíce, pokud se ale sejde dostatek objednávek, tak i hned. Např. při objednání lokomotivy z edice Engineering Edition se model expeduje od výrobce ihned. Dodací lhůta na drobné položky, které nejsou skladem může být jinak běžně 14-60 dnů. Při nákupu DCC komponent je většinou od 10 kusů sleva. Výrobky ESU nemají většinou od výrobce kompletní český manuál, proto poskytujeme jen základní manuál k provozu.


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